"The Leading Authority  on Military Veterans and Anger Management"

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  • "Our Toxic Environment Volume I

    This anger management curricula is the first of two, in a dual manual set of easy to read prevention and intervention self-help manuals. They are ideal for indivduals convicted or associated with aggressive driving,road rage, bullying domestic violence, etc

  • "Our Toxic Environment Volume II"

    Anger Management self-help work-manual # 2 focuses on enhancing social emotional competence in addition to advocating that individuals become autonomous decision makers. Ideal for stopping offenses with the intent to harass, intimidate,injure, etc.

  • "Our Toxic Environment Volume III" Sexual Assault and PTSD

    This self-help work manual assists sexual assault or rape victims who exhibit behaviors common with PTSD (which is in accordance with the DSMIV) to focus on empowerment and awareness in the here and know.It also can be utilized by perpetrators who are required by court order or judges to enroll in educational intervention and behavior modification classes or a comprehensive program.

  • "Our Toxic Environment Volume IV" The Psychology of Securing Employment "For the Highly Motivated Individual"

    This self-help work manual enhances the probability of securing sustained employment by encouraging job seekers to be highly motivated individuals and seek stop gap employment in a variety of professions and or locations.

  • "Our Toxic Environment Volume V" Work Place Dynamics, Individual and Group Social interaction in "The Here and Now"

    Are you working in a dysfunctional work environment, and does it feel like you just can't take it any more? Well, this self-help manual was designed to assist individuals and groups with learning how to navigate a toxic work environment. The manual will assist with countering frustrations and anxieties associated with: work place bullying,lack of upward mobility, nepotism, cronyism, incompetance,mediocre leadership and inadequate compensation.