"The Leading Authority on Military Veterans and Anger Management"
The Mid-Atlantic Anger Management Professionals Association (MAAPA)
Fedelis to the model the “WEE Concept” an award winning curriculum comprised of five time tested and proven theories.

MAAPA adheres to best practices and develops curriculum that is personalized specifically to change the paradigm in regards to behavioral modification. 

MAAPA educates professionals who assist maladaptive behaving individuals with managing the secondary emotion of anger satisfying diagnosis as per assessments in accordance with the DSM V. 

The Leading Authority on Military Veterans and Anger Management
 "Fidelis to     the Model"

The "WEE Concept" concept is based upon a philosophy of the Five Pillars which include: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Erikson's Eight Stages of Development, D. Goleman's Emotional Intelligence or "EQ", Gestalt & Transactional Analysis (T/A) and the most valued component; an individuals Experience,Knowledge and Education,coupled with Empowerment and Awareness one becomes a more balanced, autonomous and authentic human being.  
Wesley E. Etheridge Principal Consultant of GCS Facilitators talks about the value  of being authentic with students. 
The Authentic Coach Mr. John Wooden, a standard of greatness in coaching others. Authenticity is #1