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Causeweeangry2 BLOG

The correlation between PTSD, Anger and Trauma, is grossly underestimated.

by Wesley Etheridge on 06/29/15

Find out more by clicking on the link from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs below. From the Desk of the "Leading Authority on Military Veterans and Anger Management" GCS Facilitators and Consultants. DCAMF

Certification Training for CBO's, Life Coaches, and others seeking CEU's

by Wesley Etheridge on 04/08/14

CCAR Peer and Addiction Recovery Coach Train the Trainer will be on May 2nd – May 5th 2014 at Camp Verna, which is a “Trauma Informed Care” Transitional Residential Facility located at 5936 Jefferson Ave., Newport News VA 23605. The class will be co-facilitated and lead by GCS Facilitators CAMF and CCAR Train the Trainer Mr. Freddie Dawkins a graduate of The Recovery & Life Coaching Academy of New York.  Adhering to the Connecticut Community for Addiction Model or CCAR, this curriculum adheres to the teachings and leadership principals espoused by Mr. William “Bill” White, a Senior Research Consultant and author of: Slaying the Dragon:  The History of Addiction Treatment and Recovery in America.  A highly sought after speaker worldwide, Bill is one of the leading authorities on Addiction Recovery in the nation and abroad. DCAMF

GCS Facilitators launches Military Anger Management Division

by Wesley Etheridge on 03/26/14

GCS Facilitators and Consultants Principal Consultant and Camp Verna Executive Director Wesley E. Etheridge Sr., congratulates U.S. Navy Veterans Jeff S. Shackleford CAMF (Transition Assistance Program Coordinator) and Calvin T. Riggins CAMF (Women's Self-defense Coordinator) both Private Investigators as members of  the new leadership for GCS Facilitators and Consultants Military Anger Management Team. As members of  "The Leading Authority on Military Veterans and Anger Management" each brings a set of unique experiences which enhances the probability of success regarding providing various services for Camp Verna, a Trauma Informed Care Transitional Residential facility for Female Vet's and others. DCAMF  

2013 A Legacy of Lessons

by Wesley Etheridge on 12/20/13

As the earth turns toward the end of another calender year, let's reflect upon the dynamics of  2013's greatness, goodness, and others. Adhering to one's Adult Ego, measure progress by candidly asking one's critical /nurturing parent in addition to one's free/ adaptive child, "Am I satisfied and Am I whole"? Regardless of  this being the correct question our irrespective of one's answer, all goals and or objectives ideally should perpetually be articulated or written in a manner which rejects the toxicity impregnated in the moral and social fabric of today's toxic society. That said, in the year 2014 let's embrace, reflect upon and exhibit actions which mirror the legacy of greats such as Gandhi, Kennedy, King and Mandela, while encouraging all children and each other to set our moral compasses toward continuing to get better on a plethora of  macro and micro levels. DCAMF 

Want to become a  GCS Certified Anger Management Facilitator ? Visit us at :


GCS Facilitators and Consultants now certifies individuals as CCAR/TRTC Recovery Coaches

by Wesley Etheridge on 12/05/13

So what is an Addiction Recovery Coach? 

Addiction recovery or peer coaches work with groups or individuals on a one on one basis or in group settings. There goals and or objectives include assisting individuals with his or her self-destructive thinking/behavioral patterns. Ultimately recovery coaching empowers individuals with the skills and mindset to leave addictive tendencies behind.  

How long does it take to earn a certification

This 40hr., course is facilitated by our CCAR Recovery Coach Academy Trainers team.  Our coaches are certified  and adhere to the Recovery Management Model governed by the state of Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery  or CCAR/TRTC Recovery and Life Coaching Academy.

Do you have to be a QMHP or be some type of therapist?

No, in fact our strengths-based support Recovery coaching does not address the past, is not intended to work to heal trauma, and therefore invest little emphasis on feelings. Unlike licensed addiction counselors Recovery Coaches, are non-clinical and do not diagnose or treat addiction or any mental health issues. That being said, our Recovery Coaches espouse to the principals of Mr. William White's  ( the preeminent scholar on addictions and author of 'Slaying the Dragon") well documented outline for "Ethical Guidelines for the Delivery of Peer-Based Recovery Support Services" .  This successful evidence based non-clinical model is being practiced in some of the most challenging inner cities throughout the nation.

So who can get certified as a Recovery Coach?

Recovery coaches may work with any type of addict, an alcoholic, a drug addict, a gambler, a sex addict, a kleptomaniac, an over spender, absolutely any form of addiction. There are also niches within recovery coaching such as the coach that works exclusively with military families of recovering individuals, or the financial coach that works on rebuilding an over spender's credit rating. There is a high demand and strong emphasis with peer recovery support specialists working with ex-offenders or individuals that have left the prison system and are attempting to rebuild their lives.
So how do I sign up and when is the next class?

Contact us at (757) 401-7302 or email : for more details. #DCAMF

The Leading Authority on Military Veterans and Anger Management"