"The Leading Authority on Military Veterans and Anger Management"
 GCS Diplomate (DCAMF), Master (MCAMF) & Certified Anger Management Facilitators (CAMF)
H. Adams CAMF
E. Scarbough CAMF   Deciding what to teach   Final cram session          K. Wells CAMF
Wesley E. Etheridge Diplomate (DCAMF) of Award Winning Curriculum. The 'WEE Concept"
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Skinner "Skinner the Winner" Entrepreneur, DCAMF
Paul LaFond "Paul the All" USN (Ret.), Recruiter, CAMF, Coach & Consultant
J. Reid
"Reid da Seed" Entrepreneur,   Community Leader, Advocate, CAMF, Coach & Consultant
Chanel Robinson
Paul LaFond 
CAMF & Coach Ron Jacobson DCAMF of Jacobson's Ladder
K. Martin CAMF
R. Smith CAMF 
B. Gasper YCAMF 
C. Harris MCAMF 
T.Moore CAMF
C.Gossman CAMF
H.Doyle CAMF
M.Middleton CAMF
​GCS Facilitators & Consultants facilitates a rigorous 24hr., comprehensive program comprised of pre and post testing, practicals and the five supporting pillars i.e., theories which are the essence of the “WEE Concept” Award Winning success.

The Theories include:

 Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, Goldman’s Emotional Intelligence or “EQ’, Erickson’s Social Theory, Gestalt combined with Transactional Analysis or T/A, “You”. The uniqueness which facilitates the concepts success is based upon empirical evidence and successful outcomes achieved because a prominence is not given to one’s educational accomplishments or status alone.

In simple terms; this is not an educational or academic based concept, which promotes education alone over ones life’s experiences. The sum of the theory is comprised of all it’s components to be effective in assisting one with becoming emotionally balanced and whole.  

The Mid Atlantic Anger Management Professional’s Association is the Governing Body for Certified Anger Management Facilitators or CAMF’s. MAAPA as it is affectionately called, measures individuals pre& post knowledge mastery of Anger Management in accordance to its competency based guidelines. MAAPA also requires evidence of excellence in demonstrated leadership abilities as a prerequisite for enrollment into a GCS CAMF Train the Trainer Course. All CAMF Anger Management classes are facilitated by GCS Facilitators and Consultants 

R.Thompson MCAMF
D.Jordon MCAMF
M. Pinckney MCAMF
C. Brooks MCAMF
C. Phillips MCAMF
Community Solutions GCS Anger Management Facilitators Team
 Corey Philip's facilitation his Practicum to earn designation as GCS Facilitators MCAMF 
Robin Whitehead,
Author   DCAMF
 Freddie Dawkins CCAR  Recovery Coach  
   Pastor Isacc L. Diggs CAMF  Royal Priesthood
Ashley N. Stogsdill RN USCG Vet., Executive Administrative Staff
John Pugioti MS Ed  MCAMF, Author 
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Life Coach, or QMHP? Earn CEU's ask how!!!
  Toxic Family       Environment 
  Toxic Political       Environment 
Kenneth T. Jackson DCAMC, CRS, Retired VA. Beach Police Dept., Master Police Officer  
Tawanna Edwards CAMF Washington DC Metro area 
Calvin Riggins USN (Ret.) CAMF Self-defense Coordinator
Jeff Shackleford USN (Ret.) CAMF TAP Coordinator
Rossa Ridley USN Vet. CAMF
The Leading Authority on Military Veterans and Anger Management
Shavon Cooke CAMF, Behavioral Modification Coach
DR. Phyllis Miller AHIMA Approved Ambassador & ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer
Mr. Miller CAMF, VIP and Private Protection Security
Bilingual Facilitators Spanish & English
Carla and Carlos Figueroa are GCS Bilingual Facilitators Spanish & English. They facilitate  GCS curricula for Court Mandated and Non Mandated Spanish speakers.   
 "Fidelis to the Model"
 De De Gordon-  Slade  MCAMF
  Greg Thomas     MCAMF
James Martin       Decon CAMF
DCAMF, MCAMF  CAMF, Anger      Management

Greg Belardi, MSW, Ph.D, empty chair technique.  GCS Facilitators  and Consultants Anger Management Train the Trainer Course..
Wendy Gagne DCAMF Ontario  Canada
Sonya Phillips CAMF Zonta International 
Clayton Williams Jr. CAMF, 
Sean Lacon, Veterans Advocate, MCAMF  
Aline N. Jackson-Diggs CAMF  Royal Priesthood
Tiffany Laurencio MCAMF
Elizvian Pricilia Early CAMF
Kim Wright CAMF
Your name your picture , become a GCS CAMF today!
Justin Burnett YCAMF
Johnny Parker MCAMF 
"The Leading Authority on Military Veterans and Anger Management"
 Toxic Social        Environment 
Wes E. Etheridge Sr. Recipient of Gandhi Award for Non-violence 
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