8 weeks of Anger Management  (E- Learning)

12 weeks of  Anger Management & more!!! 

Use SKYPE to learn in our virtual Classrooms

One Day Course 

4 or 8hr.,group facilitation of Anger Management curriculum at an off site location secured by GCS Facilitators & Consultants or at your designated location.   

Two Day Executive Coaching Course 

16hrs., of group facilitation, ideal for executives, administrators,program managers,etc. Contact us at (202) 867-6344 or wee@gcsfacilitators.com for more details. 

Train the Trainer"Fidelis  to The Model" The GCS 
Facilitators Anger Management Facilitator's (CAMF) Course. This 24hr. curriculum is facilitated under the guidance of The Mid-Atlantic Anger Management Professional's Association, MAAPA. Ask about the mutual beneficial packages.

The average annual cost for a Counselor in Virginia is $28,000. GCS Facilitators are  affordable  and economical 
 "The Leading Authority on Military Veterans and Anger Management" 

The GCS Facilitators and Consultants "WEE Concept" can assist you with managing the innate secondary emotion of anger. 

Public and Private Schools, Community Based Organizations, Judicial Systems, Non-Profit Organizations, State and County Social Service Agencies, Parents and Guardians, all have utilized our services and products.

They are both comprehensive and affordable.Contact us at (202) 867-6344 
Economical and affordable, for Non-profits and CBO's.